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Krystal Clark

Beauty isn’t only about the way you look, its mostly about the way you feel. You can put some lipstick on
and look pretty, but how does that lipstick make you feel, does it transform you? What does it do for
your energy? Does it make you feel sexy? Sassy, Like a new woman? Does it make you feel like an
upgraded version of the woman you are? As a man, what are you looking for others to think about you
when they first see you? Is it that you are clean, well kept, handsome… Strong even?
These are the words you will hear when sitting in for a consultation with me. My name is Krystal Clark
and I’ve been a hairstylist and image consultant for over 13 years. I’ve worked in various 5th ave
Manhattan salons and managed one as well.
As a stylist I feel that finding someone that you can trust and feel almost vulnerable with is super
essential in creating a real relationship. Id love to build a relationship with you and help you find the best version of YOU!

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